Leonard Wolf is the most boring monster from Silent Hill.

Before Downpour

Videos and Status

Just in case you were worried, we were very busy for a while having problems with the trailer video we were producing, the video production went fine right until the final render where we had a problem with green-tinted transitions(!).

This was all fixed in the end. And we have a lovely ad for Silent Hill 4, but more importantly, our channel, and we didn’t really have that before.

We have also recorded our first few episodes of ‘The Darkness’ (we’re having a bit of a break from Silent Hill). Before recording, I hurt my shoulder, so we’ll keep the footage if you can’t tell that I was a bit grumpy and vague from the pain. Since this, and pretty much every other game is dead simple compared to the small ritual we had to perform to get SH4 running the way we needed and the even bigger editing job, as well as proving we can finish Let’s Plays (important for small channels), we will be playing more than one game at a time together. The other game is likely to be ‘Calling’ on the Wii which we want to tackle before ‘Shattered Memories’.


jumpyrope asked: hot diggety that demo is freakin me out thanks for playing it! i am very afraid right now but i love it aauughh, im glad i can watch you play it; i wouldnt have been able to, for sure :0

Look behind you.

Actually, whilst we were playing it that time through, it wasn’t so bad, we’d probably played through it a bunch of times already.

On the other hand, when I first played it was about one in the morning. Alone.

Absolutely terrifying.

CorrosiveTruths playing Silent Hill 4 (part 24)

  • *In the bar with a shovel and slugs talking about hacks while killing slugs with the shovel.*
  • ...
  • Peter: Oh, this is super effective.
  • Michaela: Yes, we're shoveling them down.
  • Peter: Yeah, I really dig it.
  • Michaela: *laughs* Oh god...
  • Peter: Did you see what I did there?
  • Michaela: *laughs*...I see what you did there.

silent-fucking-nightmare asked: Which LP is the Shabby Doll post from? (:


CorrosiveTruths on youtube! (Same on tumblr as well!)

And click here for the playlist that contains their Silent Hill 4 let’s play in its entirety! It’s reaaaally good. Commentary is always informative and sometimes funny, and they also know so much about the games, it’s just awesome. And there is also an absolutely amazing extras video showing off soooo much from the game!

But I believe the post was from Peter just messing around with some kind of hack, haha. But if he’s around, he might reply to this post confirming or denying said fact.

But the whole let’s play is awesome! And they are two super nice people, him and Michaela! :) Totally recommend them!!

-Jackie <3

PS. I hope they don’t find me creepy, haha, I just really enjoy their let’s plays, they work so hard and create really great content!

Yes, this is me mucking around with a memory editor - I found the locations that control how many of an item you have in each inventory slot. I gave myself 30 dolls in one slot. In the game’s logic, when you move items to the box it does it as a stack with a number, but the other way around, the box will destack and leave the rest behind.

In the extras video that shot is from you can see us place the doll in the box and then pull out duplicates.


Exactly what I did.



Bloody hell.

Thanks to CorrosiveTruths and their extras video, I have seen what it’s like when Eileen is fully possessed and bloody hell is that amazingly done. WOW. Watch the extras video. It literally had like everything in it, it’s so well done, as all of their stuff is. Well done, guys!

But like Eileen possessed really got to me, like I got properly creeped out and moved emotionally, you know what I mean? Just wow. Try to experience that at least once because it was pure silent hill.

Also, that alternate Henry at the door thing is SO creepy, so cool to see it in action. And also, I got to see some hauntings I didn’t know of, which was also super cool! (That baby haunting though.)

Well done, silent hill 4. And thank you, CorrosiveTruths for going all out on that amazing extras video, just well done!


Okay, bye!

-Jackie <3

That took soooooo long to capture, Michaela and I must have played through the ending sequence like, 5 or 6 times each.


Hello, this is Michaela of StudiousOctopus. For this Let’s Play, Michaela is both playing and commentating.

We’re playing Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space, in full 1080p widescreen, with stereo sound.

The opening of the season, the beginning of episode one, Ice Station Santa.

In celebration of the 10th anniversary of the release of Silent Hill 4: The Room.

Bonus video containing all the endings, all the hauntings, bonus trailers, extra outfits / alternative costumes, extra weapons and hidden items, Eileen possessed, and her possession speeches, one weapon and all weapon modes, and much much more.

All captured fresh in full HD 1080p widescreen with corrected aspect ratios and Dolby Pro Logic II surround where possible (some hauntings are console exclusive and one is only available in software rendering mode).

Imagine if someone took all the extras in Silent Hill 4; endings, hauntings, extra modes, extra outfits, etc., but in 1080P whenever possible, and put them all in one video.

Oh, even just showing off the extra movies you can grab from JP sh4 site is way over 10 minutes, Starting to suspect the extras video is going to be a pair now.


I really want to watch a let’s play of P.T. but I can’t find any videos where someone isn’t talking over the game. Could somebody help me out? I just really don’t like listening to people talk over games.

Part 1

Part 2