Really Squaresoft, every video?

Really Squaresoft, every video?

PC version of Final Fantasy 13.

We start off with trains and tutorials as always.

Peter Reviews -

StudiousOctopus -

Scrap Footage: The Darkness

Our initial footage, with commentary, from our false start of The Darkness, played here on PS3, captured with a Hauppauge device.

In the end, after some problems editing - specifically with sound sync - we then lost a whole 8 minutes of footage about half way through what we had.

Our choices were either:

1) try and re-record just that section.

2) Start again.

Neither of these options are great as we both think the first time through and the first commentary is the best for giving an impression of the game.

So, we’ve gone for option three. Which is to leave the game for now, play something else we had already wanted to Let’s Play, and come back to The Darkness when we’ve recovered, are less annoyed by what happened, and it feels fresh again.

Until then, Bye.

Especially if you were wondering why we kept uploading some Darkness videos and then taking them down again. Sooo many problems in producing the episode.

Anyway, the two channels are CorrosiveExtras where you will find that Darkness video I was talking about, and StudiousOctopus where Michaela will be uploading more Beauty / Glossybox stuff.

Here are the links: - CorrosiveExtras - StudiousOctopus

Featuring: The leg of Michaela in the bottom left.


I’m still doing these side Let’s Plays to give us time to produce our main ones.

We’re playing Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space, in full 1080p widescreen, with stereo sound.

We start a new episode of Beyond Space and Time, Moai Better Blues.

Brand new well-done Silent Hill, and brand new Twin Peaks which inspired Silent Hill.

It is a good time to be a fan.

Now just waiting to find out they’ve found three hours of new footage from Jacob’s Ladder.

Let’s Play The Darkness

There’ll be some videos up if I can even get this fucking thing to produce sound that isn’t out of sync.

Let’s Play Silent Hill 1-4 in HD

Well, okay, not really for the first game, but totes for the rest. Yes, this is what the Silent Hill HD Collection should have contained, Silent Hill 2-4 rendered in glorious 1080P widescreen, even the original PS1 classic, Silent Hill, is running with several graphical improvements.

Bear in mind if you watch them in order that this is a project that has stretched over several years and has constantly improved over time.

It consists of over 39 hours of high quality footage, weighing in at an on-disk 91GiB of data. A must see for yon Silent Hill fan.

Corrosive Truths Silent Hill HD Collection

Still a better love story than Twilight.

Still a better love story than Twilight.

Now to butter my great toast.

Now to butter my great toast.



I dunno, I think this might be photoshopped?

I dunno, I think this might be photoshopped?


You know… it would not surprise me at all if Silent Hills was not solvable by one person and actually required online group collaboration. I mean in the age of social media, why wouldnt you design a game this way? 

Well, because people want to finish games themselves, but gaining attention for the project, hell yeah, but don’t actually make that the finished game. The Portal ARG was great, but I don’t want to have to wait for someone to put the sound waves into an analyser whilst Dracula plays a banjo on a full moon to get to the next level.